It’s finally here! The arrival of the 8th studio album by, you guessed it, Tegan & Sara!

Friday, June 3rd, 2016 marks the release of Love You To Death. Allow me to quote The Lion King when I say, it’s the dawning of a new era! At least, a new Tegan & Sara era. As 2014 started to look towards its close, the girls announced a west coast leg of their Let’s Make Things Physical tour. They spoke about those dates being the last shows of the year and 2015 being an entire year of wIMG_4549riting and recording with absolutely no tour dates. I took off to California for the first time to see the girls perform one last time at the Fox Theatre in good old Oakland. I remember thinking it would be such a long year without any shows. And I never would have thought they would put an album together so quickly. Somehow, the year passed by me like a flash. Before we knew it, the girls were posting photos and teasers and using the hashtag, lp8. I must give major props to
T&S for working so hard to write and record while maintaining a huge presence on social media. They even went as far to create a small line of merchandise called “Tegan and Sara are not on tour”, complete with t-shirts and mugs without tour dates. I did not purchase any of these items, but i appreciated the sentiment. Though I refuse to use Snapchat, I know a couple people who downloaded that app just because T&S started using it. There are a few blogs out there who post their “snaps” on other platforms. Highlights include many videos of Tegan looking directly in the camera and saying nothing, Sara filming Tegan crying, cats lounging for days, and Tegan flipping off Sara at the very least, twice. Let’s not forget Tegan eating a popsicle. The best entertainment is reading the comments. Sara posted a photo of her cat on the bed a few days ago and the fans are trying desperately to find out where she obtained the few belongings and furniture in the background. My favorite fan blog is @tnsclothes on instagram because they search out clothes and shoes that the girls wear and post pictures and where you can find them. This is really cool because there is a huge following for the girls’ clothes and haircuts! I mean, have you seen them? They look really cool!

Let’s talk about 2016 and Love You To Death.

I’m going to skip all the controversy and say I am absolutely psyched that I get to be a part of this fan base during this time in the T&S journey. I began LY2D in Toronto early this May to see the girls perform their first Canadian (eh?) date on stage headlining a festival. It was a truly exciting trip because I had never been to Toronto and I had the opportunity to meet up with some Tegan and Sara friends. The T&S fans are so special because we meet 13173418_10103005286483649_7140752989035161102_oeach other through this mutual love and respect for these two women, but we take away a friendship and people to create a community with. It doesn’t matter where we live, or where we travel, we will arrive and we will see the same faces and we will have so much to say and we will be connected by our love for music. And we will feel safe and sound inside the heart of the LGBT world.

Next stop: NYC.

Two days later we made the trek from Toronto to NYC to wrap up this mini tour. New York was exciting for me because I know the shows here are monumental. The venue was the smallest place I had ever seen the girls in, which promised an amazing view and experience, no doubt. NYC is also a hub, so I expected to see a lot of familiar faces. I met so


photo @kngdmstrgclmb

many people on the sidewalk that day who I had followed online or who were friends with my girlfriend. People travelled from Montreal, Philadelphia, Washington DC, London. It was truly amazing and when Tegan stepped on the stage that evening and shouted, “Hello, NYC!” all I could think was, she might as well have screamed, “Hello World!” because that’s who she was looking at. Over the week prior to the show Tegan and Sara has released three songs to the world from the new album. The single, Boyfriend, U-Turn, and 100x. I must say, I was surprised! I wasn’t crazy about Boyfriend at first, however I found the lyrics to be irrefutably about two women and the fact that Sara wrote a pop song that was so gay and stood up and sang it to the world makes her my hero. U-Turn was something completely different for Tegan. It was obvious she wrote this from a d13321759_10103049454256079_8185508937616581816_nifferent place in her heart and it was certainly going to make you dance. 100x is the tear jerker. For me, I’ve reached a point in my life(finally) that Tegan and Sara songs don’t rip my heart apart. Some people are dying to hear more heart wrenching, soul crushing songs from Tegan and Sara. The band has moved past that point and I am glad to say that our paths have crossed at a convenient time! Sara says 100x is about her relationship with her sister. Or, maybe a glimpse. It’s beautiful and it’s incredibly different for T&S. The girls sang all three of the new songs at their show in NYC. They mixed in many of the classics that we all love and of course their banter that everybody shows up to see. But, at some point in the


photo @ceilanese

show they began to sing another song. The only thing I could recognize about this song was that I did not recognize this song. Tegan surprised and entranced me with her vocals. I was hooked on this song immediately. It is so well written and in my opinion it is the single. Stop Desire has to be the best Tegan and Sara song I’ve heard in years. Yes, I said that.

When I started writing this blog I wondered if I could find enough to say to make a couple paragraphs. In the end, I’ve written more than anybody could want to read about Tegan and Sara. And if you’re reading this, you probably already knew everything I wrote today.



We will see you soon…

Montreal, Quebec, Boston, Philly, NYC, DCx2, Richmond, and Asheville.


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Tegan and Sara Season

I haven’t written a blog in almost two and a half years. Looking back on these blogs and thinking about the part of my life in between feels…exhausting. I want to promise myself that I will write. I want to force myself to write. It isn’t that I haven’t written anything at all in this time of absence, but the bits and pieces of paragraphs here and two pages there never equal one piece. Imagine that each and every piece of my writing fit on a sticky note. image1-5Now imagine that all of those sticky notes were pasted on the walls in my office. On the floor. On my typewriter. On the window sill. In the closet. Taped up in a box. This is my writing as a whole. Small bits of the weavings of my brain strewn about my messy office of a mind. During my absence of blogging I have travelled through some of the worst times of my life emotionally. But,  I have likewise experienced some of the best times in my life. Two of the highlights of the last two years have been turning 30 and becoming sober. The newest chapter of my life is unfolding and it has already begun to be an unquestionably contrasting chapter.

It’s that time of year again. I’m not talking about spring. I’m talking about Tegan and Sara season. For those of you who may not know me, it is common knowledge that my stratosphere is ruled by Tegan and Sara. Last week the girls released a brand new single into the world off their album that will be released in early June. Following all of their Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 4.20.40 PM
social media posts, I have noticed there has been some significant negativity coming from some of the fans in the comments. I want to talk about creative differences between fans and artists. Tegan and Sara had clearly chosen to head in the direction of a more pop route than they ever have in their career with the release of Heartthrob in 2013. Based on the single, Boyfriend, from the newest album, Love You To Death, clearly the duo intends to continue down this road. Some of the fans have responded against the single and feel that Tegan and Sara should continue to record the more guitar driven and folk rock music of their past. Now, it’s social media. I’m paraphrasing and sugar coating some of the nastiest things a person could say to a musical artist when I say that because I am the last guy who is going to share negative comments about artists online. Enough about that.

Tegan and Sara have come bounds in their career in the last three years. They have made many decisions that have led them to victories in album sales, ticket sales, a huge movie soundtrack song that was nominated for an Oscar, several Juno awards, and a slew of new fans of all ages. I am a proud fan who enjoys watching the girls grow. I respect their creative and professional process. A band that remains stagnant in one place in time and never reaches out for the next thing will never be successful. The girls have always written from the heart. Give their lyrics a listen. Despite the pop nature of their current repertoire, the heart is all there.

Tegan and Sara spent a couple weeks before the big release of the single posting hints on social media about the new album. The anticipation was building and the excitement was exploding in the comments! When it was announced that the name of the single was “Boyfriend” some people felt confused and others even outraged. This was a shocking reaction to me. Tegan and Sara are super out lesbians. This is one large basis of their appeal. Some fans10731080_10102054780300659_3934010774426724578_n seemed to think that suddenly Sara would have a boyfriend or they would have left behind their lesbian identities as artists. Tegan and Sara are real people. They don’t seem to put on much of a show with regards to their personalities. They present themselves as they are. I silently defended that fact to myself. I’m one of those people who reads a lot of comments to see what this world is thinking. I do a lot of laughing, I get pretty angry, I have some cries. But, it’s rare that I comment. The point to this long paragraph is that in the end when the song was played on the radio and streamed online for the very first time, it was preceded by an interview with Sara Quin, where she confirmed my exact assumptions. This song was written about a girl. A girl of the straight persuasion. Ok, fine. Sara didn’t say she was straight. But, Sara said she had a boyfriend! This girl had started seeing Sara, but she was also seeing a guy. Clearly, this girl couldn’t decide. Did I mention she had never been with a girl before? If you’re a lesbian reading this blog then you’re having two reactions right now: RUN! And I’VE BEEN THERE! For those of you who aren’t lesbians and have no idea what I’m talking about, let me color in this painting for you.

Listen, I was here in gay town before gender fluidity and the non-gender binary kids, so don’t get offended. Some of us are plagued with the affliction of loving women who are straight. They’re pretty. They’re flirty. Their skin is soft. Their hair smells nice. And I’ll be the first to tell you that they are starved for attention and affection. Girls, calm down. Those were all compliments. All these things make the straight girls super easy to fall for and super easy to love. You see, the way I see it is that some of the straight girl loving lesbians just know exactly how to impress the girls and make them smile. They know how to romance them for sure. Girls love that. I’m sorry boys, but you do drop the ball in this Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 4.22.22 PMcourt on the regular. As you might have presumed, this never ends well for anybody. Sara wrote a song about falling for a straight girl and playing the game of the secret lover. This song makes me feel human and normal. Sometimes when you’re gay in your small world it can be hard to find people to relate to and it can seem like you’re crazy and different. Having an artist illustrate these feelings and showing it to the world helps me to vindicate my feelings and actions to myself. It’s like, there’s others out there like you! And here’s proof! Hey, somebody else is willing to stand up and say, hey man, this happened to me and I’m here to tell you about it. So, yeah I will defend Tegan and Sara’s new infectious pop album! And sure, she could have written this song in the style of The Con, but at this time in my life, I would rather hear this concept presented in the style of Love You To Death!

All photos copyright Jennifer Breton.


Tegan and Sara

Tegan4Why are lesbians so attracted to music artists who are part of the LGBT community? This has always puzzled me. If you’re in your late 20s or early 30s and a lesbian then there is a great chance that Ani Difranco is an artist who you adore. My first real girlfriend had a healthy obsession with Ani Difranco. She was older and introduced me to everything that is gay. I was only about 21 at the time and it utterly perplexed me that each and every one of her friends that she introduced me to shared this passion for the music of Ani Difranco. I have always been somewhat disconnected from LGBT culture because I have never fit in. This has never bothered me. I have just never identified much with the scene. Now, allow me to just completely contradict myself.

It does not matter what year you were born in; in every decade there was a Heart throb. The 50s had Elvis, the 60s had  Davey Jones, the 70s had Leif Garrett, Rick Springfield for a second in the 80s, and who could forget Nick Carter in the 90s, Justin Timberlake for the 2000’s and everybody’s current favorite: JB himself. Now that I have Tegan1taken you down the 60 year list of pop icons I want to point out that they are all men. And I can tell you the reason for that is because women love to dream of that perfect man. He has everything that she desires. You already know this. What you may not know is that gay women are no different. They fantasize of the unequaled woman who is the image of perfection. She is the most beautiful woman on the planet. She is smart. She is funny. She is spontaneous. She is talented. She is the dream.

My good friend Jeff told me that Tegan and Sara were headed to Portland, Maine, my hometown, on their tour. I had been a fan of a few of their songs for several years. I was excited, but I had no idea what I was truly in for. I bought tickets. A couple days before the show I read on their facebook that if you self addressed a stamped postcard and dropped it into their mailbox at the merchandise table they would send it back to you. I decided this sounded like a great idea. I wasn’t sure what to expect. July 27, 2013.

20509_10101167511259929_1582848399_nI raced to the show. I was late. I missed the opening act. My girlfriend was waiting outside as I rushed to the entrance at the State Theatre. We scrambled  through the doors; I ran past the merch table as an excited friend pulled me along; I stopped and turned back to drop the postcards into the monumental silver mailbox at the table, which was spewing fan art and postcards alike. As we entered the floor the venue was filled with excited concert goers. Maybe ten minutes after I arrived the lights went down and seconds later two very tiny Canadian twins emerged onto the stage, guitars in hand.

The crowd rose and cheered and screamed in ecstasy and anticipation. My eyes widened. My first thought was that Sara1they looked so famous and so small. Tegan begun to speak to the crowd as they held their breath and hung on her every word. The duo kicks off the show by crooning a song from their new album, Drove Me Wild. I was taken by surprise because their vocals sounded marvelous live. And, so begins the Tegan and Sara obsession in my life.


The name of Tegan and Sara’s most recent album. And, the reason for this blog. Tegan Quin stands on the stage in her tight pants, with her hair falling perfectly across her face, her voice serenading each girl in the audience. As she sings her famous lyrics to the group’s first single off the album, she smiles and points to herself while she cries the words, “all you think of lately is getting underneath me”. The girls in the audience scream. And now. I get it. I get it. I get it! Why do lesbians love LGBT music artists so much? Because Tegan and Sara are our heart throbs. Because they stand for giving us a dream. They stand for telling us that our feelings towards the same sex are real and legitimate and normal. An experience and an epiphany like this has no measurable worth. It is the most important feeling a person could ever feel.

photo-2Tegan and Sara are insanely talented. They are amazing and cohesive on stage. Their presence appears effortless. Their love for the audience is unprecedented. I fell truly in love with these heart throbs that night. I purchased their entire discography shortly after and continue to drive my girlfriend nuts daily with their incredible songs. It gives me youth. It reminds me what it feels like to be truly excited about a dream. I want their t shirts. I want their posters.  I want their records. I want anything with their names printed on it.

Remember the postcard I slipped into their mailbox? After the show I started following a few people who had photo-3instagrams and tumblrs dedicated to Tegan and Sara. I started seeing these returned postcards popping up all over the internet. Tegan and Sara had started posting photos of the massive piles of them they had dumped on the floor or couch in their hotels with comments about their hands hurting from writing on all of them. I realized that they were literally writing messages on every single postcard and mailing them. What kind of band does this? What could be a better gift to a fan? I checked the mail obsessively for weeks! I ran straight to the box after work like I was a teenager running home from school waiting for an issue of some magazine to come out. And, finally it came!

Now that I have attended three Tegan and Sara shows(this doesn’t hold a candle to some of my friends) this past year I have marveled at how young the Tegan and Sara crowd is. Many of these fans are 16-20 years old. It’s great that young LGBT people will be able to experience a life where gay is just regular. It’s not that different and there will be more comfort and fewer worries because of Tegan and Sara. They are standing for equality around the world. Maybe I am giving them a ton of credit, but check them out. They deserve it!

Photos copyright 2013  Jennifer Breton and Megan Mattor

Gay Pride

_MG_064223So, it’s June and everybody is posting and talking about pride. Let me just begin by saying that gay rights are obviously important to me. I wish that people could understand that same sex marriage and gay rights should just be people rights. It’s like those tumblr posts_MG_06882 that say “I support gay marriage, or as I like to call it: marriage. Because I parked my car today; I didn’t gay park it.” The new generation of gay has so much pride and a huge IDGAF attitude. So many things are happening in the gay world that are helping to segregate us from the rest of the population. I have always worn my heart and my sexuality on my sleeve. It doesn’t matter what anybody thinks about that because even if I wanted to change it, I couldn’t. It is natural for me to put myself out there. But, as a 22 year old I was exposed to my first gay pride celebration and my first trips to gay bars by my first real, lesbian girlfriend. I always thought the notion of gay pride parades and celebrations were fascinating, but a strange way for the gay community to melt into the rest of the population. I embraced these activities for the first couple of years, but in my mid twenties I decided that gay pride wasn’t for me. This may surprise you because my life is so gay that it isn’t even funny. My friends are mostly gay, I generally frequent only a gay bar, I obviously date and loudly display my affections for an amazing, special woman, I follow mostly gay interest topics on all of my social KaylaVinmedia sites, I blog about gay, my art is gay central…I’m just happy in my gay little world. I’m littering this post with the newest pictures I have taken of model Kayla Belanger. You have seen a blog with photos of her previously. And, oh yes…they are way gay. But, when we put on parades about being gay we segregate ourselves, which is the fight we fight day in and day out. At the end of the day there is nobody in hell who is going to change a gay person’s view on his own rights. And at the end of that very same day there is nobody who is going to change the views of the opposition. There is no gray area. There is no compromise. All we can hope for is a greater percent of people who believe in the good of all people.

Check out what Kayla is up to at

Gender Identity

I have a love hate relationship with gender roles. Many people I meet have strong viewpoints about gender roles and gender identity. Often I meet gay women who become angry if people stereotype them based on perceived or real identity. Stereotypes are a great learning tool. The world uses the word so negatively. Can I go out on a limb here and state that stereotypes start with at least a grain of the truth? The new fad seems to be that anybody can be any gender or sexual identity that they see fit for themselves. I am on the fenceFB3 about this notion and I realize that gay people will think I am some sort of outside thinker for saying that, but we didn’t have all these super new genders when I was a young gay kid. I realize I’m aging myself here. If you’re not gay, then I guarantee you are probably asking yourself what genders I am referring to because I didn’t know about all of this until Tumblr!

It’s true; gay rights have become the civil rights movement of our generation. It’s exciting and it’s a little scary all at the same time. It astonishes me that all Americans do not have equal rights. But, I have started to feel like we are segregating ourselves. My mother taught me to be different and unique. She taught me to be myself. She taught me to be a free thinker. She told me there are no boy or girl colors or toys. I value these viewpoints and I carried them with me through life. If you know me then you know that is true. With the exception that I still hate pink and have always thought it was a girl color. But, anyway.

As I get older my gender identity has become more and more skewed. I have become more confused about my body and my mind then I ever was when I was young. As a child it was easy to be mistaken as a boy and it was easy to continue living this way comfortably. As a preteen it became more difficult and I remained in an awkward stage between boy and girl throughout my entire FB1teen years. Nobody understands what it feels like not to understand your body and your gender identity. When I say nobody, I mean every single person you have ever met up until at least the age of 18 and probably until you are into your 20s. I was amazed when I started to read about people who felt uncomfortable in a woman’s body. And people who described being dressed like a girl as a child and felt like a boy in a dress. There is a great amount of perceived humiliation associated with wearing a dress when inside you are a boy.

I am well over a decade past caring what people think about my sexuality or my body. I was never afraid to be out. It’s always hardest to come out to yourself. But, I have had the hardest time coming to terms with my body and my gender. I have always wanted to be a mother. In adulthood this has taken many of my friends by surprise, but if you knew me as a child you would agree wholeheartedly that being a mother has been my number one goal in life since the day I was born. I have always dreamt of my children and I know that I will never feel complete in life without them. It also surprises people that I want to give birth to my children. There is a deep maternal instinct inside me that wants to have that close connection with another human. A connection that cannot be cultivated, but must be created. How then, am I so uncomfortable with the thought of being female? I can’t answer that. I am not sure that I will ever find the answer to that question. I am lucky enough to have the body that most women want, or so I am told. But, perception is all that matters. And, my perception of my female body disgusts me on the regular.

fb2I am torn between the need to feel needed and the need to need. I am willing to bet that my girlfriend would say that I not only have a desperate wish for her to need me, but I have an equally desperate need for her. Maybe I want to be needed as bad as I feel need for another. Lightbulb. I have quite a fascination with androgyny and it has leaked into my photography and this blog quite regularly. I try to embrace the fact that gender lines are so blurred. I enjoy purposely bending gender. This makes it even more confusing. I am searching for that place in my heart and in my brain that can admire and love masculinity, yet embrace and equally love femininity.

Photos: Kayla Belanger

Relay for Life!

GarrandTeTeToday my blog is more personal. My girlfriend has set up a team for Relay for Life. Obviously it’s awesome to support such a great cause and to support her, but this gets more personal for me than just a cause. I love that Relay celebrates the victories over cancer during their walks, but unfortunately I think more about the battles lost than won. I am on board because cancer played a huge part in my adolescence. My mother lost her father to cancer when I was just four years old. You would think this did not have a huge impact on me at such a young age, but time was stolen from he and I. I have but few memories of him, and I’m so glad for what I’ve got. He was a Marine and it makes me proud to say that. Since I was only four years old, of his possessions I was given only a ceramic gorilla. This gorilla sits on my night stand to this day. So, this gorilla holds great meaning and value to me. I see him every single day. To me, my grandfather was a funny man!(Photo: My grandfather and my Aunt Lucille)


The hardest thing for me to talk about in this world is the death of my aunt Lucille. We called her TeTe. I was thirteen when she died suddenly from cancer. Though I have experienced too much death in my large family, this one still leaves a huge gaping hole in me every day. She was a light. She was a joy. She was the best person to be around. But, she would not want me to be sad. She would not want me to cry. And, so I celebrate her beauty and her life and her spirit every single day with her tattooed on my arm right where I can see her face.(Photo: TeTe’s senior portrait in the 50s)


My grandmother was a strong woman. She outlived two husbands, two daughters, a son-in-law, and a great grandchild. Let’s not forget she battled multiple kinds of cancer throughout her life and I like to think that she beat them all! She had cancer of the cervix at 60. She had cancer of the kidney late in life.  My grandmother lived through all of this and lived to be 81. She was funny and smart and kind. Every memory I have of her is a good one.(Photo: My grandmother is farthest right holding onto my mother.)

I haven’t forgotten those in my life who have battled and survived. Those people are near and dear to my heart. It is beautiful to know that we can celebrate these victories and help other people win their fight against cancer. Relay For Life means something to every single person because you know somebody. Join our team and walk with us in South Portland on June 15th. Or make a donation to help support cancer research and cancer patients. Remember those lost and let’s celebrate those lives that are still with us! Click the link to join our team or donate:

Derby the Chihuahua

So, my girlfriend indicated to me that my dog training skills suck. She actually text me a link, which I opened, and it was to a IMG_4891book called “DOGs for DUMMIES”. Ok, I don’t buy books with titles like “dummies” and “idiots” in them because I like to think of myself as rather smart. But, I guess it’s a marketing ploy and not really the point. I mean, she doesn’t really think I’m dumb…or…does she? Well, whatever! She adopted me an otter, so!

I decided to go to the book store because I just hate waiting for shipping and my puppy is already 5IMG_5190 months old and in need of immediate discipline. On a side note: Books-a- Million sucks because they do not carry any gay magazines in their massive collection of magazines. We’ll talk about that in another blog. It’s amazing how many dog books the bookstore has! Luckily, I found an even better book than she linked me to. I found “Chihuahuas FOR DUMMIES”. Yes, I have a little Chihua. Ohh, how lovely…the writer is a former columnist of the AKC Gazette. I guess that makes her so legit that it is printed on the cover. I was unaware that the AKC did in fact have a newspaper. I wonder if people read it or if they let dogs pee on it. Or roll it up and hit dogs with it.

I very nearly opened the book after dinner, but then I started writing this blog. Ok, I have clearly done this out of order. And my dog is probably up to no good right now because I’m writing a blog about training my dog instead of training my dog. I think you’re starting to understand my girlfriend’s frustrations. I may have also been distracted by I can explain. While at the bookstore I found a book called “150 Things Lesbians Hate” or some way better variation of that title. I read every single one of them. One of them was Justin Bieber. The book went on to explain how even though lesbians steal his haircut, they still don’t like him! Now that this blog makes no sense, I will end with some cute pictures of my dog.

Derby the Chihuahua:


Queer NYC

The end of March is near! And that means it’s time to plan my trip to NYC! My friend Amanda and I will be venturing to the imageBig Apple in search of fun and gay. I’ve been scouring the internet for about two hours now trying to find marvelous places to check out and exciting night life. Although not my first time to NYC, this will be my first trip away to explore a new world of gay away from my own. I’d like to see some art and history by day and we’ll be sure to be chic and dapper by night! What is awesome and gay in NYC?


image (1)

The Wonderful World of ANDRO

photo (14)Androgyny is a fascinating concept. I think all people are drawn to andro looking people because we realize how gender lines are blurred so easily. In the past it has never been acceptable to be androgynous. Girls that look like boys and boys that look like girls. But, there is a place here and it’s speaking volumes in the art and gay worlds. I am always in search for photography and models who have androgynous characteristics. The artistic attraction is unrivaled by any other genre for me. The fascination begins at birth. I have always fit in better with the boys. I have always identified with the boys. I was able to cut my hair and be mistaken for a boy until I was about 12. I loved it. Androgyny is about expression, gender, sexuality, fashion, art. It can take any form.

Amazing models have begun to find their way into the fashion world, like Erika Linder. Not only does Erika cut her hairphoto (17) and put on the face that could easily be a handsome young man’s, but she has the build of a man. Alternatively, Erika is a beautiful woman. She is working in high fashion in women’s and men’s modelling and dominating the internet andro scene. Katherine Moennig continues to be the boy wonder of androgyny in Hollywood. Her character in The L Word was so charismatic that after several years of the show’s cancellation, she has managed to remain the number one celebrity lesbian squeeze.

Girls that look like boys. What is this about? I want to add this section into this blog because people ask me the same question again and again: If lesbians like girls then why do they like girls that look like boys?
I have two answers for you. The simple answer to your question is simply: I don’t know.

photo (15)Ok, I know you don’t want to hear that. If I had to dig deep I would say that the attraction to “man” is about so much more than how he looks. In other words, straight women are attracted to men for many qualities that they possess, less of which is their looks. Maybe the attraction to masculine women for lesbians is much like the attraction to men for straight women. Now, these lesbians likely do not have such qualities, but the packaging gives a sense of all that is masculine. I don’t know. I just thought this up right now.

photo (18)


Attraction has nothing to do with gender. Attraction needs no explanation. I can say these words and yet I still have a hard time accepting them myself. I ask my girlfriend all the time: why do you like me? And, she mostly just says: I don’t know. In a way her answer is comforting. Knowing that you can just feel something and it can just be there is more powerful than any explanation I can come up with.


photo (20)Onto my adventures with Kayla. Kayla is an aspiring androgynous model that I met here in Maine. The second I saw her face I knew that she would be great some day. I have done photography with many amazing people and I have never seen a face like hers. But, instead of trying to explain what I see in her eyes, you can just see for yourself in this blog. Keep your eyes out for a spotlight on Kayla at  queer.foto in the near future.

Sugar Lips


I recently became obsessed with reblogging photos on Tumblr. I know, I know. If you have no idea what I am talking about let me fill you in! Tumblr is a blogging site. But, 99% of its users spend their day reblogging photos and animations that others have posted. These photos become viral all over Tumblr. I’d go on, but we’ll save that for the Tumblr blog!

I came across a collection of photos of a woman’s lips that my girlfriend reblogged. I decided to do my own version of the collection with her lips. I bought nonpareils at the grocery store to stick to her lips. These are tiny rainbow colored dotsLips6 that decorate cupcakes and confections. Bad idea. Not only are my girlfriend’s lovely lips tiny, but nonpareils melt and run like rain on chalk…apparently. Thus, we created something more like the Joker’s face from BATMAN. It was super cool, though.

It was decided that my lips are much larger and up for the challenge. This time I decided to use colored sugar. This sort of photography must be done with my new iphone lens. Here’s where it gets interesting. The new lens only attaches to the camera on the backside of the phone. This means if I am photographing myself, I can’t see the display. Well, I am bright, so I setup my mirror in front of me.


With two lights on either side I began to photograph. It sounds easy to stick sugar on your lips and take a photo; but like any photo shoot, it took me quite awhile to get it just right. In the end I spent about an hour shooting and I didn’t end up with the result I had initially had in my head. But, what I came out with was brilliant!